Magnetic Paddle Shifters

Magnetic Paddle Shifters

S550 Magnetic Paddle’s


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Introducing the GT3-Inspired Magnetic Paddles by C2Custom for the S550 Mustang platform. Elevate your driving experience with our meticulously engineered paddle shifters, designed for seamless integration and ultimate performance.

Key Features:

GT3-Inspired Design: Drawing inspiration from the racetrack, these paddles offer a sleek and aggressive look, enhancing your Mustang’s interior with a touch of motorsport elegance.

Magnetic Actuation: Experience precise and tactile shifts with our advanced magnetic technology. Each gear change feels crisp and responsive, providing a direct connection between you and your Mustang.

Plug and Play Installation: Our paddles are designed for easy installation, requiring no modifications. Simply mount them to the OEM housing location using the provided hardware and connectors.

Complete Installation Kit: Every set includes all necessary components for a hassle-free setup. From detailed instructions to essential tools, we’ve got you covered.

OEM Compatibility: Designed specifically for the S550 Mustang platform, our paddles fit perfectly with the factory setup, ensuring flawless functionality and a factory-finish appearance.

Transform your driving experience with C2Custom’s GT3-Inspired Magnetic Paddles. Unleash the full potential of your S550 Mustang and feel the thrill of every shift. Order yours today and take your Mustang to the next level.


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Magnetic Paddle Shifters


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